Design Series Scuppers

The Design Series is our full line of scuppers made to fit all applications and backyard themes. There is a scupper in this series for everyone! Design series scuppers include the following models: Radius, Wedge, U-Shape, Slot, Slant, Monument, Curved, Solid Radius, Cannon, Box and Arc Flow.

Design Series are a favorite because:

  • Water flow is natural looking.
  •  See the color palate below for your material and color options.
  • Design, design, design-the look of the scuppers says it all!!
  • Our scuppers DO NOT CLOG.
  • Sizes range from 4″ to 72″ (depending on model).
  • Scuppers come with a 1 ½” female threaded inlet in the back (bottom inlet available for most models by custom order)
  • Flow rate is 15-20 gpm per foot.