Fire Features

Fire compliments water.  Fire creates warmth.  Fire demands attention.
Look into our various fire features to bring these qualities to your outdoor design.

Builder Series Water/Fire Bowls (compatible with all bobé ignitions) The Builder Series is the latest line of water/fire bowls designed to save you money.  Various sizes and material options available. Select the one that's perfect for you!

Fire Pots (compatible with all bobé ignitions)
Easy to install fire pots bring the element of warmth and excitement to any outdoor area.

Fire/Water Pots (for manual key valve ignitions)
Combining the two elements of fire and water is easy as the turn of a key valve.  Round & square fire pots available in different heights.

Fire/Water Pots (remote control ignition)
Water surrounds the fire which is safely self contained in the middle dry chamber.  This pot can be remotely controlled or manually lit.

Prefabricated Fire Pit & Insert (compatible with all bobé ignitions)
Enjoy your patio while keeping warm next to the timeless look of a metal formed fire pit.

Perfect Flame® Ignitions & Fire Rings  We offer two types of ignitions ranging from a basic key valve to the luxury of remote control automation. Rings are avaialble in various shapes, sizes and can also be customized. 

Color Rock
Beautify your fire with our various colors of fire rock.  Fire rock can be used in place of lava rock or as a way to conceal existing lava rock.