When creating new products for our landscaping line, we focused on the following:

  • Products that will save you money. Ever had a concrete pot break, chip or corrode? You wont have that problem with our copper & stainless steel po pots and fire pots.
  • Products that are easy to install. Pre-fabricated columns -they only take 20 minutes to install and if you order it with a scupper you wont have to worry about installation fees or the scupper being installed incorrectly.
  • Products that look great! Ever seen columns built out of masonry that were accidentally made in different sizes?
  • Originality. Pre-cast pots are everywhere, take a look at our fire pots and po pots and see the color options available.
  • Cohesiveness. What better way to tie in your beautiful copper scupper then to incorporate copper column caps? Our 4 different models of columns tops will complete the theme of your fire pots, spillways or scuppers.

Column Caps
If you are looking for a new way to cap your columns, try our column top models. Ranging from the simple, Flat Top to the detailed Flat Step Pyramid, our column tops exude color and individuality.

Prefabricated Columns
Pre-fabricated aluminum columns are designed to streamline the landscaping process, making it cheaper, faster, and more efficient.