The revolutionary Grass Edge kit allows you to seamlessly run real or synthetic grass up to the pool edge. Our stainless steel substructure creates a barrier between the grass and waters edge thereby eliminating the standard pool deck.  Our patent pending approach is the only product on the market that delivers the strength and engineering needed to blend the pool and landscape into a flowing work of art. 



Set the stage for your outdoor entertainment with a table that provides heat and beauty. Round, square and rectangular shapes all feature our Perfect Flame burner to ensure maximum flame effect. Manually light the burner or sync it with your automated controller and remotely turn it on and off. Select one of our hand crafted materials to get the look that highlights your patio seating area.


Introducing the torrent, Perfect Flame 2.0: Watch the Video

Featured: Personalized Fire Pits

The personalized fire pit is constructed of either 1⁄4" steel or 1⁄4" stainless steel. The thickness of metal is critical to creating a long lasting feature that will not warp from the heat. Our matching metal covers make it easy to convert the fire pit into a table when not in use and the grill attachment allows you to cook over an open flame. As the seasons change, our portable fire pit can be moved to different areas of your yard.