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If you want a water feature that flows a clear sheet of water and will blend in with its surroundings, the smooth flow scupper is the perfect option!

Sometimes called “copper sheers” or simply “sheers”, our smooth flow scuppers are designed to look flush with the surrounding wall. They can also be ordered with an extended lip so you can be sure that the water won’t hit the wall below.

Smooth Flow Scuppers are made of Copper and Stainless Steel,
NOT plastic.
Our scuppers will NOT clog.
Scuppers run 20-25 gallons per minute.
All seams are fully welded.
1 ½” female inlet fully welded in the back. Bottom inlet available
by custom order.
See materials and finish options below.
Multi-chambered with an angled baffle to allow for a smooth, thick,
and equal flow.
Scuppers available with extended lip, concave and convex radius.

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